Today’s Home Buyer’s Wish List

December 7, 2017

This hot La Crescenta-Montrose real estate market has many home owners considering the value of their property, and it’s important to know which home improvements will yield a return on investment.  I frequently get the question about cost versus value from clients as they contemplate....

Down Payment Myths Debunked

October 19, 2017

This competitive real estate market has some buyers scrambling to come up with a substantial down payment, but buyers may not be aware of other options.  In fact, some of the biggest misconceptions regarding the homebuying process are related to down payments.  In a recent....

FSBOs Net Lower Profits in La Crescenta and La Canada

September 21, 2017

Recently, I was stunned when a property in a desirable neighbourhood near me sold for considerably less than market value and had not been listed in the Multiple Listings Service. I wondered, why didn’t the owners give their house a shot at getting the highest....

La Crescenta & La Canada Seller’s Market and Your Property Value

August 15, 2017

Real Estate Trends in La Canada-La Crescenta, August 2017 The number one question my clients ask me is “when will these home prices start to come down?” The simple answer impacts buyers for their purchasing power, and sellers for their home values. This hot real....

Indoor Air Quality And Your VOCs

July 21, 2017

You may want to add this acronym to your vocabulary since it directly impacts the health of your home. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in home improvement products raise concerns because the gasses they release can be toxic. Home buyers and sellers are becoming increasingly attentive....

Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent

June 28, 2017

Real Estate Insider Magazine states that your Real Estate Agent should have local knowledge, strong attention to detail and tenacity among other things. See what qualities you should look for in your next agent!   Do advanced preparation BEFORE you list. A few minor touch-ups....

Prep Your Home For Sale

June 28, 2017

Follow this easy checklist of 21 ways to help prepare your home for sale, from cleaning out the clutter to adding more natural lighting and paying attention to the odors. Please follow and like us:

Your Edible Property

June 21, 2017

I always find it interesting to hear which features delight home buyers when I’m showing a property. The usual top thrillers are hardwood floors, an updated kitchen, and a large master walk-in closet. Another feature that inevitably elicits enthusiasm is any sort of agricultural element....

Get a Facelift at Home

June 16, 2017

Recently, I met with a client who was preparing to list her home for sale.  She systematically called out the items on her to-do list: call the painter, schedule a home inspector, buy shrubs for the backyard, de-clutter the rooms, etc.  “What about the outside....

The True Value of Landscaping

June 16, 2017

Most homeowners know that beautiful landscaping adds value to a home, but where to draw the line between expense and sound investment?  I get this question from clients all the time.  Whether you’re preparing your house for sale or your yard just needs a facelift,....