Should you try and find the best houses for sale in Glendale, Ca?

Glendale is one of the most popular cities and by far one of the most interesting in the Los Angeles County. What makes it great is the fact that it’s the 23rd largest city in California and it’s just 8 miles away from LA, which makes it the best place to move at if you have a job in LA.

What you should note here is the fact that this city has one of the largest Armenian communities in the region. It also has plenty of other European communities, but the majority of the population is still from the US.


Just like other locations in this region, Glendale was also inhabited by the Tongva people, and around 1798, a corporal in the Spanish army created a small settlement here. He used the land for farming and livestock management. In 1860, the Verdugo Adobe was built, which is the oldest building that you can still find in the city. Soon, more and more locations where sold here and the city managed to become pretty large; this happened t around 1884. Soon after that, the population exploded to the point where it was around 62000 in 1930. Right now, Glendale has a population of more than 200000 people, and the city continues to grow all the time.

Geography and places to see

Glendale has immediate access to the Griffith Park, as well as the San Gabriel Mountains. At the same time, the Mediterranean climate makes Glendale one of the best places to live in. It’s easy to see why you may want to find homes for sale in Glendale CA because the climate, as well as the region as a whole, is very welcoming. You can even find 50 public parks here.


Glendale is home to many industries, starting with real estate to restaurants, but it also features a wide range of entertainment companies as well. Of course, there are lots of IT related companies too. So yes, if you get one of the houses for sale in Glendale CA, you can easily find a job without having to worry that much!

How much do homes for sale in Glendale CA cost?

It depends on what region of the city you want, of course. But usually, the prices are pretty good and certainly a lot lower when compared to Los Angeles for example. A pretty large home will be around $700000 or so, which is a really good price. If you do want to get houses for sale in Glendale CA and want to stay away from the pricey LA, then this can be a solid investment.

Plus, most of the homes for sale in Glendale CA allow you to get even closer to parks, mountains and other types of leisure. That, combined with the lack of major city noise, makes Glendale one of the best places where you can purchase a home at this point. So, check the houses for sale in Glendale CA and you will be quite happy with the results!

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