Your Edible Property

June 21, 2017

I always find it interesting to hear which features delight home buyers when I’m showing a property. The usual top thrillers are hardwood floors, an updated kitchen, and a large master walk-in closet. Another feature that inevitably elicits enthusiasm is any sort of agricultural element such as fruit trees, vegetable garden planters, or a five-star chicken coop. Increasing numbers of home buyers desire spaces that are organized around the availability of fresh food, both in their yard and community. My clients want to know about neighborhood farmers markets and the location of the nearest Whole Foods grocery store, which directly reflects current trends in health, sustainability, organic food, and buying local. This is a nationwide movement as communities make room for agrihoods, rooftop gardens and other food-centric real estate. Farm-to-table living is becoming mainstream and food is providing a growing arena for innovation in real estate at the community and individual levels. Savvy home owners can capitalize on this healthy trend by “foodscaping” with herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs. It can also be a relationship builder with neighbors; speaking from experience, I have loved watching neighborhood kids thrill while picking granny smith apples off my tree and fresh eggs from my chicken coop. The more ambitious home farmers among us might even consider joining a growing number of Los Angeles County residents who keep bees. For an enhanced quality of life, the benefits of bringing the farm closer to your dinner table are healthy and beautiful, and they can increase the value of your real estate investment.

Do you hanker to harvest your own honey? Check out the Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association

For information on urban farming visit

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