The True Value of Landscaping

June 16, 2017
Most homeowners know that beautiful landscaping adds value to a home, but where to draw the line between expense and sound investment?  I get this question from clients all the time.  Whether you’re preparing your house for sale or your yard just needs a facelift, these landscaping essentials will help beautify your property and improve your home investment.
Trees offer shade, ground water purification, and increase your (and your neighbor’s) property value by thousands of dollars.  To add value, trees must be healthy, native to the area, mature but not elderly, and appropriate to the neighborhood.
Native Plants save water and energy while attracting birds and butterflies!  Maintaining an acre of native plants over 20 years costs $3,000, compared with a whopping $20,000 to maintain a lawn of non-native turf grass.
Outdoor Lighting directs guests to your front door, protects against falls, and secures against intruders.  From an aesthetic perspective, tasteful lighting highlights your landscaping design and gives your home a welcoming feel.
Other nice-to-have features include fencing, retaining walls and walkways.  Done correctly, they can certainly look beautiful and boost curb appeal, but if you get too fancy you won’t see a return on your investment.  The same principle applies to replacement of a steel entry door, garage door, and new vinyl siding–all of which can return above 75% of your initial investment.
Winter is the perfect time to prepare your Spring landscapes!  You can get started with a consultation with these experts from my recommended “I Gotta Guy” service providers (on my website under Buyer/Seller Resources).
Sloan Foxe Ashley, Landscape Designer / 818-731-6015
Jose Castillo, Gardener / 818-689-1934
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