Today’s Home Buyer’s Wish List

December 7, 2017

This hot La Crescenta-Montrose real estate market has many home owners considering the value of their property, and it’s important to know which home improvements will yield a return on investment.  I frequently get the question about cost versus value from clients as they contemplate which projects to tackle when preparing their home for sale.  While every property is unique and deserves individual analysis, it’s instructive to consider the trends in what today’s home buyers want—especially buyers in the predominant 25-40 year age category.  The first thing buyers notice when they walk in the front door is the condition and quality of the flooring (hardwood remains the favorite).  Another top draw for home buyers is quality kitchen appliances, as well as energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating units.  Be careful if you are considering installing “smart home” features since technologies evolve quickly; however, thermostats and heating/cooling controlled by a smartphone or computer are popular and relatively inexpensive.  Keyless entry is another attractive home feature for tech-savvy home buyers.  Folks also like a separate laundry room with space for laundry baskets and folding clothes, and if a couple is going to shell out their life savings on a dream home they want a walk-in closet and private bath in the master suite.  Since more workers are telecommuting, a designated home office is becoming a “must have,” and it can qualify for a tax break!  Finally, the home feature that invariably yields a strong return on investment is an attractive deck or patio with room for leisure seating and barbecue, along with climate-appropriate landscaping.  In sunny Southern California, this outdoor living space is virtually free additional square footage!  Whether you’re planning on staying or selling at some point, these worthwhile home improvements will allow you to enjoy lifestyle benefits and a sound return on investment.

If you’d like a complimentary cost vs. value analysis of your property, contact Sharon at 818-652-7650.

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