The Art of the Counter Offer

June 11, 2018

Selling a home that you’re emotionally attached to can be tricky, and a lowball offer may feel like an insult.  However, when a buyer comes in with a low purchase price it’s best not to write them off. In fact, I’ve seen plenty of occasions when the low-ball offeror ultimately came in with the highest bid to win the property.  Knowing how to respond to multiple offers is essential to getting top dollar for your home. It can be an unnerving process since the goal is to drive up the price, without scaring off your top offers. How to draw out the best offer from that low-ball buyer?  When should you accept the highest offer outright, versus asking for a “best and final” purchase price? Is it better to counter all offers with a minimum threshold price, or treat each offer individually? These are the nuances of the Seller Counter-Offer, and an experienced realtor will be able to advise you through these scenarios.  When winning counter-offer strategies are implemented in the context of a variety of factors (i.e., pressures of the current real estate market, the number of offers received, contract terms, and price), you will successfully draw out the highest possible price AND be in the position of choosing the buyer who is most likely to close the deal.  A properly conducted Seller Counter Offer process will ensure the maximum return on the sale of your home, so you’ll come away completely satisfied with the outcome of your transaction.

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