Get a Facelift at Home

June 16, 2017
Recently, I met with a client who was preparing to list her home for sale.  She systematically called out the items on her to-do list: call the painter, schedule a home inspector, buy shrubs for the backyard, de-clutter the rooms, etc.  “What about the outside of your house?” I asked.  She hadn’t considered that sprucing up a home’s exterior yields an excellent return on a modest investment, and it dramatically impacts a buyer’s all-important first impression.  I consulted with home exterior care expert, Paul Dutton of Paul’s Professional Window Washing, about what homeowners can do to improve the look and health of their house.  Paul explained that, in addition to cleaning the windows, gutter and roof cleaning, re-screening windows, power pressure washing, and exterior detailing make a huge difference in a home’s appearance—in fact, it can look as though it got a fresh coat of paint.  The benefits go deeper than beauty since home exterior maintenance can prevent water damage, stains, nesting pests, and mold, to name a few.   If you are planning to sell, or if you just want your house to maintain a vibrant, healthy glow, consider calling a home exterior washing professional.
Paul won’t mind if I invite you to his website for more information:
Paul’s Professional Window Washing
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  • Garbiel Brown

    July 10, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Yes, I agree with you that through pressure washing you can remove your long stand dust, dirt, clog, stain, etc. on your home exterior effectively. However, the job is to be carried out by professionals only. They know the right pressure according to the strength of the material on which the pressure is applied.


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